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QUANTUM PC209 "KAMCO" Power Flushing Pump, Mobile. Power 1100W, 2.4 Bar, 60L tank, 150L/min#

QUANTUM PC209 "KAMCO" Power Flushing Pump, Mobile. Power 1100W, 2.4 Bar, 60L tank, 150L/min#

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Manufacturer: KAMCO
Model: PC209/CF90
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The cleaning unit PC209 Quantum of the English company KAMCO effectively cleans and eliminates mineral deposits, large corrosive deposits from heating systems (offices, schools, tenement houses) as well as from central heating installations in single-family houses. It is also applicable to air conditioning, cooling, solar systems - HVAC. It can also be used for cleaning fittings - heat exchangers, heaters, radiators and industrial machines such as injection moulding machines, extruders, etc.

PC209 Quantum is a special pump-unit with vertical axis that combines the traditional descaling function with the cleaning function of central heating systems, including floor systems and other HVAC systems. It is equipped with special shut-off valves as well as a traditional flow reverser, a powerful motor and a large capacity tank. This gives excellent results in terms of flow rate and pressure. The flow reverser attacks scale deposits from both sides, causing decalcification, particularly fast and effective because the dynamic action of the bi-directional flow, in addition to the normal action of chemical aggression, allows cleaning even when pipes and exchangers are almost completely clogged. The tank is marked with level indicators for easy assessment of the contents. Ergonomic handle for a firm grip, two large diameter wheels, easy to carry even on stairs., The pump is also equipped with a safety system that prevents damage during operation without fluid in the tank.

Model: PC209 / Clearflow® CF90
Application: HVAC cleaning
Pump capacity: +/- 0.4 m charge, 40-50 radiators, 500m2 heated area, 2-3 floors
Tank: 57 L, transparent, HDPE
Motor: 1100W, IP55, 230V
Max flow rate: 150 L/min
Max Head: 24 m
Max. working temperature: 75 deg C
Reversing type: manual, immediate
Valves: 2 x 3-way shut-off and drain valves
Supply and return hoses: 2 x 5m, diameter 19mm, reinforced PVC
Couplings on hoses: 3/4" x 19mm, brass, snap-on
Drain hose: 8m, 19mm, reinforced PVC
Supply hose: 8m, reinforced PVC
Overflow hose: 3m, 19mm, reinforced PVC
Other accessories: 2 x hose/adaptor fitted in place of circulator.
Pump dimensions mm: 390 x 590x 890
Weight of pump: 23kg
Mobility / handling: 200mm castors, built-in handle
Application of preparations: Available-alkali, acid, chlorine
Manufactured in: United Kingdom
Warranty: 12 months

1) Power pack - pump
2) Transport box 700x450x370 mm for accessories and hoses.
3) Cleaning agent; DS-15 - 1 Litre per 200L of water
4) Inhibitor: CH-33 - 1 Litre per 200L of water
5) Set of adapters.
6) Indicator for pH test.
7) Operating manual

Instruction manual PC200 series

KAMCO manufacturer's website
SERVICE - Spare parts


Cleaning of heating installations, air-conditioning; Agent DS-50
Cleaning of "damaged" heating installations; Preparation DS-15
Cleaning of water supply systems, etc: DS-30
Always protect the system after cleaning with an inhibitor; System Guard

Guidebook on cleaning central heating installations

In the era of seeking savings, an increasing number of property managers, housing communities and cooperatives decide to carry out thermomodernisation. This term means not only insulating the building or replacing windows with modern and tight ones, but also - which is often much more important - modernisation of the existing central heating installation, i.e. its chemical cleaning and protection with an inhibitor against the renewed formation of rust and deposits. Another reason for modernisation of the central heating system is the failure of the system, e.g. underheating of radiators, blockage of risers or pipes, aeration of the system. It is also mandatory to clean the system before installing a new boiler or replacing radiators.
Limescale, sludge and rust are the greatest enemies of installations. After several years of use, a chemical cleaning operation is necessary in most multi-family buildings or housing estates. This is due to the quality of the water and, unfortunately, pseudo-savings, typical of the Polish reality, which already at the installation stage and later in the operation of the installation lead to severe contamination resulting in a loss of efficiency of the installation of up to 30% or more. This often results from design errors, lack of specialised filters and purifiers and, most importantly, use of untreated water (i.e. without corrosion inhibitors).
Chemical cleaning allows existing installations to be unblocked and restored to maximum efficiency. The whole process (depending on the size of the building and thus the central heating system, type of preparation used and the selected cleaning method) lasts from two/three days (using a cleaning pump) to several days (on-line cleaning during the system operation). After the cleaning process, it is necessary to protect the installation with a corrosion inhibitor, because the process of rusting and "overgrowing" of the installation will continue. It should be remembered that the term "corrosion inhibitor" is generally applied to describe a preparation that not only prevents corrosion, but also prevents deposits and bacteriological contamination. Such properties are possessed by CH-3 and CH-33 "FERPRO" preparations.

Status as of 01.2020,

All technical data are given to the best knowledge of the manufacturer on the date of publication. Subject to design changes to improve the operation of the equipment.

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